27: João Bocas and the Wearables in Healthcare [EN]

Joao Bocas
Podcast Cruzamento
27: João Bocas and the Wearables in Healthcare [EN]

In this episode of the Cruzamento Podcast, André Correia and Daniel Guedelha talked to João Bocas who shared his passion about wearables and talked about the role of an influencer. He also picked his favourite wearables.

João Bocas is a World’s #1 Wearables recognised Thought Leader, Global Keynote Speaker, B2B Influencer Marketing and CEO at Digital Salutem.
João combines global expertise, global networks and experience of +25 years of business acumen.

João Bocas is an expert and keynote speaker in wearable technology and is a globally recognized business thought leader, mentor, advisor, and entrepreneur. His passion lies in helping others, sharing experiences, transferring knowledge, working collaboratively, and helping businesses adopt the latest digital trends and innovations.

As a thought leader in wearable technologies, digital health, IoT and healthcare innovation, including AI (artificial intelligence), robotics and ML (machine learning), João explores the intersection of technology and business. This includes examining how new technologies continuously shape consumer behaviour, influence business models, and help brands amplify their message. He also analyses the impact of disruptive innovations and shares future trends in the marketplace.

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