64: Walter Greenleaf: Translating neuroscience with VR [EN]

Walter Greenleaf
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64: Walter Greenleaf: Translating neuroscience with VR [EN]
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In today’s CRUZAMENTO Podcast, André Correia e Daniel Guedelha talked with Walter Greenleaf, an expert in the field of virtual reality (VR) and its transformative impact on healthcare. Also, we dove into ecosystem use cases and how fun VR is becoming.

Walter Greenleaf PhD. is a neuroscientist and a medical technology developer working at Stanford University.
With over 35 years of work focused on developing clinical applications of medical virtual reality technology, Walter is considered a leading authority.
Walter is currently a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab. He also works to develop next-generation wearable sensors as part of the eWear _Program at the Stanford School of Engineering. He previously served as the Director of the _Mind Division, at the Stanford Center on Longevity, where his focus was on age-related changes in cognition.
Walter was the founding Chief Science Officer for Pear Therapeutics and is the Chief Science Officer for_ Interaxon._
In addition to his academic work, Walter is the technology and neuroscience advisor to several early-stage medical product companies and accelerator/incubator programs.

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