75: Ana França & António Gonçalves: Revolutionizing Organ Donation Through Technology [EN]

Ana França e António Gonçalves
Podcast Cruzamento
75: Ana França & António Gonçalves: Revolutionizing Organ Donation Through Technology [EN]

In today’s CRUZAMENTO Podcast, André Correia and Daniel Guedelha talked with Ana França and António Gonçalves. They delved into Health, Technology, and Sustainability, with a focus on transplantation, common transplant types and their impact, insights from companies expanding globally, and future trends in transplantation technology. The discussion showcases TransplantHUB’s role in harnessing these advancements for patient benefit.

Meet Ana França, a highly skilled and dedicated organ donation and transplantation management expert. With over a decade of experience, Ana has been instrumental in transforming Portugal’s organ donation and transplantation system, improving patient outcomes, and increasing access to life-saving procedures for those in need. Her global initiatives in developing digital transplantation registries have revolutionized how organ donation and transplantation procedures are managed worldwide, earning her recognition as a leader in her field. Ana’s expertise in organ donation and transplantation and her passion for improving patient outcomes make her an invaluable asset to managing organ donation and transplantation.

With over 25 years of experience in IT Services, António Gonçalves brings together a vast experience in business analysis with a comprehensive technical area know-how in diverse industries, including Healthcare, Insurance, Local Government, Industry, and Logistics. This experience, and above all, the unquestionable ability to apply it in various sectors, allowed him not only to create reasonable conceptual solutions but, above all, practical solutions amenable to a linear technical implementation. His adaptability to a diverse audience, both functional and technical, has allowed him to design innovative products and, more importantly, create practical, innovative solutions with a linear technical implementation.

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