78: Alan Triggs: Leadership, Longevity and the AI Revolution [EN]

Alan Triggs
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78: Alan Triggs: Leadership, Longevity and the AI Revolution [EN]
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In this episode of Cruzamento Podcast, hosts André Correia and Daniel Guedelha explore the intersections of technology, healthcare, and leadership with Alan Triggs, Chief Digital Officer for Nokia. They delve into the impact of AI on industries, discussing the evolution of AI, its role in job creation and displacement, and its potential impact on healthcare and education. Alan shares insights on data management, privacy concerns, and the role of regulation in technology. The discussion extends to the personal experiences, touching on longevity, wellness, and the importance of sleep hygiene in the digital age. Alan also shares experiences from relocating to Portugal and Nokia’s investment in the country.
Tune in to explore these topics and more in this insightful episode.

Alan Triggs is the Chief Digital Officer for Nokia globally, with responsibility for Nokia’s information technology (IT) and digitalisation initiatives. In this role, he is responsible for the global infrastructure for enterprise computing, networking, and end-user services, and enterprise applications covering R&D, services, supply, and financial & commercial systems. He is responsible for number of digital transformation initiatives including a company-wide cloud transformation, the modernisation of core application systems, and the corporate data strategy. Alan has held a number of leadership roles in IT; Telecom and has lived and worked in in seven countries across Africa, Europe and the US. He is currently based out of Portugal.

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