81: EDU: Filipe Costa: Navigating Value-Based Healthcare – A Deep Dive [EN]

Filipe Costa
Podcast Cruzamento
81: EDU: Filipe Costa: Navigating Value-Based Healthcare - A Deep Dive [EN]

In this engaging episode of the new segment Cruzamento Education, hosts André Correia e Daniel Guedelha delve into the world of value-based healthcare with special guest Filipe Costa. They explore the fundamental concepts of value-based healthcare, discussing its importance in delivering meaningful outcomes for patients while optimising costs. Felipe provides insights into the key topics of patient-reported outcome measurements, technology integration, financial incentives alignment, and the role of data interoperability in supporting value-based healthcare initiatives. The conversation highlights Portugal’s potential to lead the way in implementing value-based healthcare practices and emphasises the importance of transparency, evidence-based decision-making, and collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem.

Filipe Costa‘s profile:

  • Professor in Management & VBHC at Nova SBE Exec. Education
  • Researcher in Nova Healthcare Economics & Management Knowledge Centre- Coordinated by Prof Pedro Pita Barros
  • Executive Coordinator of the Pos Graduation of Healthcare Management NOVA SBE Executive Education
  • Past Director of VBHC in Luz Saúde Group
  • Post Graduated in Harvard Business School- Value Based Healthcare
  • MBA and a master in management
  • Areas of interest and research: value-based health, health management, organizatioal theory, operations management, outcomes, cost analysis, payment models and process improvement.
  • Led several national and international management projects in VBHC
  • Distinguished Merit Award the International Federation of Hospitals 2019 in Patient Cantered Care with the Value project Health care based.
  • Best VBHC Group in Portugal price by Accenture, Jansen, APAH, J. Negocios
  • Several publications and International presentations about VBHC

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