82: Tiago Magalhães: Unveiling the Genomic Frontier [EN]

Tiago Magalhaes
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82: Tiago Magalhães: Unveiling the Genomic Frontier [EN]

In this episode of the CRUZAMENTO Podcast, hosts André Correia and Daniel Guedelha dive deep into the world of gene sequencing, rare diseases, and the future of healthcare with their guest, Tiago Magalhães. Tiago, a biologist turned bioinformatician, sheds light on the pivotal role of gene sequencing in modern healthcare and its potential to revolutionise patient care. From deciphering the intricacies of raw genomic data to the challenges and opportunities presented by initiatives like the Emirati Genome Program, Tiago provides valuable insights into the intersection of technology and healthcare. The conversation touches upon the high prevalence of rare diseases in the UAE, the impact of genomic data on drug discovery, and the evolving landscape of personalised medicine. Tiago also shares his thoughts on the future of genomics and the vital role of patient advocacy in shaping healthcare outcomes. Throughout the discussion, Tiago’s expertise and passion for the subject shine, making complex topics accessible and engaging for listeners.

Who is Tiago Magalhães?

My name is Tiago Magalhães and I believe in the power of science and knowledge to make the world a better place. I have a Ph.D in genomics and an EMBA in management of research infrastructures. I am currently the Director of Bioinformatics at G42 Healthcare. G42Healthcare is a leading genomics organization, and currently has the largest cohort of long reads in the world. Before my current position, I was VP for Bioinformatics at Genomics Medicine Ireland and before that I was Executive Director at CCMAR, Portugal, a research organization for Marine sciences. I trained as a genomics scientist studying autism, diabetes, bowel cancer, and ancestry analysis. I have a very strong background in biology, namely in animal models, genetic screens, cell biology, microscopy and molecular biology. Words that describe my daily work: very large scale bioinformatics omics work (MGI, Illumina and ONT), analytics, computational biology, drug discovery, human resources supervision, business strategic thinking, and stakeholders management. Another facet of my CV is entrepreneurship, technology transfer and innovation, as I believe that science only makes sense when applied to solve societal challenges. I was the founder and CEO of a personalized medicine start-up, advised several genomics start-ups, and VCs on the genomics space. I am currently an expert for the H2020 European Union programs, and a reviewer for genomics journals. I have worked/studied in Portugal, Germany, US, Canada, East-Timor, Ireland, Brasil and the UAE.

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