83: María Manso: Healthcare with Autonomous Consultations [EN]

María Manso
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83: María Manso: Healthcare with Autonomous Consultations [EN]
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In this episode of Cruzamento Podcast, hosts André Correia and Daniel Guedelha dive into the intersection of technology and healthcare with special guest María Manso, CEO and co-founder of Tucuvi. Maria shares her journey from biomedical engineering to founding Tucuvi, a company dedicated to addressing healthcare capacity challenges using innovative technology. This platform enables autonomous phone consultations, leveraging empathetic conversational AI to engage patients and streamline healthcare delivery. Maria discusses Tucuvi’s impact on patient care, collaboration with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies, and expansion into new markets. She highlights the importance of empathy in technology-driven healthcare solutions and invites listeners to connect with Tucuvi on LinkedIn for more information. This engaging conversation offers insights into the future of healthcare innovation and the role of startups in transforming patient-centred care.

María Manso is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tucuvi, a leading company in Conversational Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. Tucuvi works side by side with healthcare systems to help deliver quality care in the most efficient way possible to millions of patients. In 2024, she has been recognized as the Most Promising European Woman Innovator by the European Innovation Council.

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