54: Carolina Batista: O poder dos dados na saúde global

Carolina Batista
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54: Carolina Batista: O poder dos dados na saúde global

Neste episódio do Podcast CRUZAMENTO, André Correia e Daniel Guedelha conversam com Carolina Batista uma médica cujo percurso a levou por países onde a saúde global é um verdadeiro desafio. Conversámos sobre essa realidade e em como podem os dados contribuir para o progresso e desenvolvimento desses países, através da melhoria de condições de vida e serviços de saúde.

Carolina Batista:
I’m a physician with over 18 years of hands on experience in solving major global health challenges. A lot of these years I’ve spent in complex contexts around the world; in the Amazon forest, in remote villages of the Andes mountains, with refugees and war-torn countries in Africa. Most of the time I caught myself treating infectious diseases, developing collaborative programs and establishing partnerships to ensure innovative health tools were accessible to people who needed them.
Since 2010 I’ve held leadership positions at international organizations where I seek to tell the stories I saw in the field and help establish public-private partnerships to bridge existing gaps. I’m a firm believer that if we address these basic needs we can help break the vicious cycle that keep people trapped on poverty and disease.
As head of global health affairs at Baraka Impact Finance, I work with a fantastic team to catalyze capital investments in solutions for global health challenges. We share a common vision that by mobilizing private capital to invest in health tech and context specific solutions we can improve people’s health and help save lives. Solutions that back in the days when I was I a physician in the field they were nothing but dreams. The good news is that a lot of these solutions already exist and being developed by amazing entrepreneurs driven by the same goal. These tools need to get to people who need them. And it needs to happen fast.
Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic I’ve been actively involved in different fronts. From leading MSF teams in the Navajo Nation, USA to being part of the Lancet COVID-19 Commission where we work to promote solutions to improve global health and support equitable access to COVID-19 tools.
I’m part of the board of The Lancet Migration Latin America hub and a member of the DNDi Access Committee where, along with other experts, we work to support the organization achieve its goals to deliver the best science for neglected individuals around the world.
I’m an active (and optimistic) citizen, engaged in initiatives around diversity, social justice and education for women and girls. As a former competitive paddler, I see sports as a means for social inclusion and development. I believe that every person should be healthy and have the opportunity to thrive, regardless of where they come from.

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