Speaker: Nuno Prego Ramos

86: Nuno Prego Ramos: Biotech Oncology Innovations [EN]

In today’s episode of CRUZAMENTO Podcast, hosts André Correia and Daniel Guedelha sit down with biotech entrepreneur Nuno Prego Ramos to explore the intersection of technology and healthcare. Nuno shares insights into his groundbreaking work at Cellmabs, a biotech company focusing on cancer-specific antigens, and its landmark deal with BioNTech. He also introduces Valvian, his new venture targeting age-related diseases and hard-to-treat tumours using AI-driven immunotherapies. Nuno discusses the importance of developing proprietary AI models for healthcare, the challenges of data privacy, and the necessity of curating high-quality data. The conversation highlights Portugal’s potential as a biotech hub, emphasising the need for talent retention, ecosystem development, and international collaboration to drive innovation in the life sciences sector.

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Nuno Prego Ramos
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86: Nuno Prego Ramos: Biotech Oncology Innovations [EN]
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